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  • Denise Barton

Inclusive Leaders Pay Attention to Microaggressions

Leaders that want to ensure every employee is included should be well versed in what microaggressions look like and sound like. Microaggressions are slight, under the radar attacks on a group that illustrate the attacker's prejudice. They are generally verbal, but can be behavioral, and cast the group in a negative light. Leaders have the responsibility to carefully listen and view employee's interactions and reactions to ensure microaggressions are addressed quickly and firmly. While microaggressions can be intentional, they can also be unintentional. Culture can affect how people are socialized and the workplace culture can increase or decrease microaggressions. While leaders and employees are equally responsible for pinpointing and decreasing microaggressions, leaders set the tone of the organization, along with policies and procedures, and have the overall responsibility in making it inclusive.

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